Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day: Two Letters From My Mother

To commemorate Mother's Day I here reproduce two brief letters sent me by my own Mother while still in the prime of my youth.  They are melancholy but sweet.

 Dear Rufus:
                We received your letter on the 21 Dec. [1838], and could I write now as I could once I should have answered it before this; but I am old and not capable of writing at all.  I have a desire to write once more to you…We expect Silas is dead, and where and how he died we know not; but if we had evidence that he was prepared how it would blunt the keen edge of affliction!  Rufus, are you a Christian?  Are you prepared to meet your God?  If not be entreated to set about that important work.  Look away to the blessed Saviour for help…You cannot think how glad we should be to see you and your family—you know not how lonesome we are.  Our family are all gone seemingly.  Chauncy has not been home since some time in the fall.  Permelia has been home once since.  Merrill comes often to see how we get along; he is very good to help your father.  Marcus is living with us.  Chauncy is likewise very kind—he has caused our house to be made very warm and comfortable.  Your father and I enjoy good health for people of our age…
                                Your affectionate mother,
                                                                                Deborah Griswold.

                Although it is a long time since we wrote to you, be assured there is no day passes that I do not think of all my Children…Our family—the most of them, are gone so far from us, it makes us feel very lonesome.  Our little family, consisting of your father, myself and Elizabeth are, through Divine favor, in usual helth and enjoying the necessary Comforts of life.  Merril’s family have been sick, the two yongest very sick…Your uncle Samuel Griswold, his wife and family, are well.  He will be eighty years old in March.  Permelia and family are well.  Eveline was married the 7th of January to Mr. Moody, Merchant in Whitehall.  We have received a letter from Edwin…Chauncy is in Ticonderoga working at [his?] trade.  We likewise had a letter from Orre in the fall…Randolph, we know nothing of him.  Rufus, it will be but a little while when there will be no father’s house to visit; your father lacks but two years of seventy,--I am only two years yonger…May God bless you, my son, and gide you by His holy Spirit into all truth.
                                Your mother and friend,

                                                                Deborah Griswold. [Feb., 1841]

The following family history is taken from the bible of my Mother:

Rufus Griswold born Franklin Conn., March 8 1773.
Deborah Wass born Martha's Vineyard, January 17 1775.
Wed in Hebron Conn., February 17 1793.


Merrill Griswold born in Franklin Conn., March 2 1794.
Wilmot Griswold born in Vermont, Sept. 26 1795.
Pamelia Griswold born in Orwell, Vt., March 30 1797.
Harvey Griswold born in Orwell, Vt., February 10 1799.
Heman Griswold born in Orwell, Vt., December 14 1800.
John Griswold born in Orwell, Vt., August 31 1802.
Orre Griswold born in Orwell, Vt., March 11 1804.
Randolph Griswold born in Orwell, Vt., March 2 1806.
Elizabeth Griswold born in Orwell, Vt., April 12 1808.
Rufus Griswold born in Orwell, Vt., Sept. 18 1810.
Silas Parson Griswold born in Orwell, Vt., Oct. 3 1812.
Rufus Wilmot Griswold born in Benson Vt., February 13 1815. 
Edwin A. Griswold born in Benson Vt., January 17 1817.
Chauncey D. Griswold born in Benson Vt., March 23 1819.

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