Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Another Possible Griswold Poem?

This poem, published anonymously in “The Ladies Companion”for April, 1840, was recently discovered and brought to my attention by AnnNeilson of the Materialistic Maiden blog, for whose tireless efforts and unparalleled charms we are eternally grateful.  The mists of death and time have fogged my memory but it seems to me that I may have written this poem for my own beloved Caroline.  I will let my readers be the judge, but it most definitely resembles my work in both versification and in theme.  I have searched in vain for some confirmation as to the author’s identity.



YEARS have rolled onwards, gentle Caroline,
Since the last time beneath the old oak tree,
I gazed with love on beauty, and on thee,
And dared to worship at so fair a shrine!
Dost recollect the scene?  The silver moon
Rode, proud and peerless, in the spangled sky;
The air was music, and its low sweet tune,
Breathed but of peace, of love and melody.
Yes! all was smiling, and fond memory brings,
That sweetest parting, days of gloom to cheer,
O’er sorrow’s darkness bright effulgence flings,
And by its magic smoothes my brow of care.
But ah! ‘tis hard to muse on vanish’d hours,
And see the thorns remain, while fade the flowers!

It sure smells of my work, do you not think?

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