Friday, November 7, 2014

The Griswold-Headley Controversy...Day Six.

The Courier & Enquirer having refused to continue occupying its columns with our dispute, the New York Tribune for November 7th, 1847, published the following note from the impudent Mr. Headley, in which he shamelessly suggests that I have a penchant for dishonesty:

November 7th, 1847

NEW YORK. Nov. 6.
To the Editor of the Tribune:
Dear Sir: 
            I see that Rufus Griswold publishes a letter in your paper of this morning in reply to my note in the Courier & Enquirer of Thursday, most of which has nothing to do with the point at issue, which is simply a question of veracity between us.  Of course I cannot stoop to argue such a question with him, but I am surprised that you who know Mr. Griswold perfectly well, and to say the least, the unfortunate habit he has of stating things incorrectly, should have allowed him to state the additional and ridiculous falsehood that I had threatened “to ruin him, even if it cost me all I possessed and a life’s labor.”  The object of this note is to deny what seems scarcely necessary to deny, that I never made such an absurd and foolish threat as this which he pretends to quote from his convenient “diary.”  That diary must be curiosity.

            Yours truly,                                                                             J. T. HEADLEY.


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